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Split payment - SAP position

As of 1 July 2018, the Split Payment mechanism (split VAT payment) will become effective in Poland. Its use is voluntary, however, if one of the company’s contractors starts to use it, it becomes obligatory for both parties. In such a situation, the buyer pays the net value to the supplier's bank account for each transaction (goods/services) and the VAT amount is credited to a separate VAT account belonging to the supplier, which is also inspected by the tax authorities.

The mechanism itself aims to increase the transparency of VAT settlements and reduce fraud. One of the biggest advantages of using Split Payments is the reduction of the VAT refund time to 25 days for a VAT account or 60 days for a regular account.

SAP presented its position on Split Payment to Poland in note 2607042. The official solution is still in the pilot phase. Until the end of April this year, closed solution tests are being conducted for selected customers (SAP notes 2624533 and 2627169).

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9th European Economic Congress in Katowice

On May 10, 2017, we took part in the 9th European Economic Congress in Katowice. More than 10,000 guests were invited, including us as BTech Team. While attending interesting panel discussions, we could learn a lot about modern IT applications in the global economy. Every year, this event attracts thousands of Polish and foreign visitors. In networking, we met people who want to promote and implement SAP solutions in companies.

The forum in Katowice is not only a meeting of the most important people from the world of business, industry and IT technologies. "The system integration between companies and the cooperation between IT subcontractors is of the greatest importance'', Andrius Kubilius, the Lithuanian Prime Minister in the years 2008-2012, said. On May 10, 2017, an event took place in the capital of Upper Silesia which was very important for the team of BTech Sp. z o.o. and, at the same time, was a milestone in the development process of economic life at European and global level. Participation in the forum makes it possible for companies from different industries and areas linked by SAP system to meet and share their experiences





BTech in the broadcast of the Wrocław Radio!

We believe that the basis for success on the present globalized IT market is establishing valuable business contacts. As representatives of the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) sector, we believe that through a partner cooperation with other representatives of the IT industry we are able to additionally increase the level of our services.

Evening broadcast in the Wroclaw Radio from the series entitled Science was a good opportunity to present this philosophy. It was attended by a representative of our team together with a representative of the Lower Silesia IT Corner cluster of which we are an active member. The leading topic of the broadcast was the meaning of cooperation of smaller entities in the IT industry, and how building business relations affects the added value both for the company and customer. In addition, we briefly presented the technology which we currently work with, SAP Fiori, which is a modern concept of creating web applications.

We are aware that very often it is difficult to pursue more demanding and non-standard challenges of business without an appropriate support and technical facilities. We are not afraid to establish permanent business contacts because our primary goal is to provide our customers with services and products of the highest quality possible.

The full broadcast is available here (the IT part starts at 00:30 min): http://www.radiowroclaw.pl/articles/view/61443/Nauka-w-Radiu-Wroclaw

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BTech on Career Paths of SAP!

Koło Naukowe SAPer

We do realise that it is not easy to set up a coherent career path for young people. We know the IT market and we are aware of the problems which people starting their adventure in the world of SAP technology may face. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with others.

A great opportunity to share our observations was SAP Career Paths, a regular event organised by members of the scientific circle SAPer located at the University of Economics in Wrocław. This year, our company has become a strategic partner of this event to support its development. The meeting took place on 30.11.2016 in Wrocław, its main aim was to demonstrate to students how they can start their career in the area of SAP technology. Our representative, along with representatives from other companies dealing with SAP technologies, shared a number of advices and good practices which will surely help students with planning their career path.

The entire event was conducted in the form of open lectures during which participants could freely ask questions and start a discussion with lecturers. Our team is glad that they could contribute to shaping the future career of participants. The stronger foundations we are able to build, the more stable our professional future becomes.

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BTech at SAP CodeJam SAPUI5!

The world of SAP technology does not stand still. Lately we can see that the German company introduces more and more fundamental changes in its approach to software development. Many of these innovations represent a complete overhaul of the existing basis of the software that is developed by the experts from Waldorf. To keep our team up to date with innovations in the industry, we have again participated in the workshop SAP Code Jam hosted by SAP.

SAP CodeJam is a regular industry event in the form of all-day workshops which are dedicated to a selected, innovative SAP technology. On November 18th, 2016, our team participated again in this event. The venue was located in Mydlana Street in Wrocław. The topic was SAPUI5 ", i.e. a dedicated framework which is based on Java technology and enables the development of advanced Web applications. Using SAOUI5, applications can be developed which are compatible with the Fiori paradigm and are focused on the best UX (i.e. user experience). As a result, our team could learn the theoretical foundations of the presented technology and test it in practice.

The work was carried out using WEB-IDE-based development environments specifically provided for this purpose which considerably facilitated the testing of possibilities offered by this technology. Although SAPUI5 is not a completely new technology for our company, we are glad that we could participate in the event which is a point of attraction for the enthusiasts of SAP technology. Contact with other people who are working in the IT industry is just as important for us as acquiring new skills or developing the already existing ones. Our knowledge that we are constantly expanding is crucial for the direction our entire company is heading.

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Polish programmers among the world’s leaders!

It is a well-known fact that Central and Eastern Europe is home to many talented IT specialists, e.g. data base administrators, systems analysts, graphic designers, and also
programmers. And these are the programmers who are becoming more and more popular in the world because of their high technical and interpersonal qualifications.

These assumptions seem to be confirmed by the latest research conducted by HackerRank. HackerRank is a platform consociating those programmers all around the world who seek for solutions in the field of algorithms, data structures, mathematics, functional programming and data bases. The website ranks accuracy and speed of the solutions proposed by the
users. Basing on the received results, the portal has issued a report presenting how
programmers from different countries cope with particular problems.

The majority of the competitors came from the United States and from India, yet finally they were ranked relatively low: on the 28th and 31st place, respectively. The first three places in the general ranking were taken by China, Russia and Poland. The Poles have scored 98 out of 100 on the index of solved challenges, which was one of the best results in the world.
Additionally, regarding honourable mentions in the particular fields, the Poles proved themselves to be the world’s leaders in Java programming language, they were ranked on the second place in Python language and in the algorithms tasks.

The received results speak for themselves – Poland is one of the fastest developing markets of programming services in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our team is extremely proud to be part of this amazing phenomenon. The Poles are able to efficiently combine purely
technical qualifications with soft skills, which makes them great specialists ready to work in the most challenging environments. 

(source https://www.hackerrank.com/)


BTech at SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2016!

Many years of experience on the IT market has taught us just how important it is to constantly improve our qualifications. We do not want to be passive towards the novelties emerging in the trade. We are constantly looking for inspirations and innovations, therefore our team actively takes part in events addressing SAP technologies. One of them is the SAP Inside Track, which is a cycle of trade meetings aiming to bring the interested attendees closer to new technologies and trends from the SAP world.

The SAP Inside Track 2016 took place on Saturday on the 21st of May 2016 on the first floor of the Sky Tower office building in Wrocław. Of course our team could not miss that event. The entire meeting consisted of 14 interesting presentations divided into 4 themes. These included the following blocks:

  • Community block - novelties in the global community of SAP users and developers,
  • Coding block - interesting facts on programming,
  • New applications block – technological novelties from the SAP world,
  • IoT Block – news and novelties pertaining to the topic of Internet of Things (IoT).

The meeting was held entirely in English. The speakers were not only Polish, but also German and American. Both the SAP employees and representatives of other companies presented their lectures.

The topics discussed involved the following: SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), ABAP, SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, Hybris and many more. Participation in SIT 2016 allowed us to acquire useful knowledge both in the scope of new and the existing SAP solutions and related technologies. This benefited the level of competence of the entire team. In our opinion constant development is the key of success in any trade.

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BTech at SAP CodeJam HANA XSA!

It is generally known that the theoretical knowledge is crucial in the IT industry, however, it is often the case that the role of practice is neglected. Fortunately, our team is competent in both areas. We are aware that the SAP world does not stand in one place. It constantly changes in front of our eyes. There is not a single month without information emerging about new solutions, trends and applications. Our team responds to those novelties by actively taking part in series of trainings and workshops. SAP CodeJam is one of them.

SAP CodeJam is an event in a form of day-long workshops dedicated to a given SAP Technology. It allows the people interested in new SAP technologies to get to know them and test them on their own. Our team could not miss such an opportunity

and we took part in the SAP CodeJam workshop on the 20th of May 2016, which took place on the first floor of the Sky Tower office building in Wrocław. The main topic of the workshops was the SAP HANA Extended Application Services Advanced (HANA XSA). It is the newest iteration of a highly promoted SAP HANA technology designated as the service pack 12 (SPS 12). The new service pack introduces many significant changes, including full integration with the WebIDE and node.js, as well as support for the GIT versioning system.

Thanks to our participation, our team was able to test first-hand the operation of the SAP HANA SXA in practice. The work was carried out on virtual machines made available by the SAP employees. What is more, we were provided with extensive materials allowing to have a deeper insight into intricacies of the new version of the SAP HANA. The workshops greatly improved our technical competences and strengthened our belief that it is well worth to constantly expand one’s knowledge. We need to remember that to stand still is to move back. 

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New Year - New Website

New Year and with it new goals, opportunities, plans ... We start this year with the new website, which was done for us by Ratioweb. We hope that this breath of fresh air will bring a lot of good.


Christmas wishes

Healthy, peaceful Christmas and New Year's 2016, ongoing optimism and a lot of success wishes BTech team.


BTech at SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2015!

The society has been trying to develop in many walks of life for ages. We are talking about the evolution of mankind, expansion of a given country, economic or social transformations, etc. Without any doubt in the XXI century the technological advancement leads the list, which also translates to the development of the IT industry professionals. Our team is not staying behind and constantly updates knowledge and qualifications of its members. We are aware just how much changes, for instance in the SAP technology. The world is not standing still, but is constantly racing forward. This is why we take part in various industry-related events. SAP Inside Track is one of them.

The SAP Inside Track 2015 event took place on Saturday on the12th of September 2015 on the first floor of the Sky Tower office building in Wrocław. The goal of the meeting was to bring us closer to, and popularize new technologies and trends related to the SAP technology. The event consisted of 11 different presentations delivered entirely in English. The speakers were not only Polish, but also Italian or German. Both the SAP employees and representatives of other companies presented their lectures.

The topics discussed involved the following: S4/HANA, SAP PRO, SAP Vora, Hybris and many more. Participation in SIT 2015 allowed us to get to know the latest trends in the SAP world. This is why we are able to perform better in our daily work. The knowledge we gathered has a direct impact on the projects executed by our company, and on the direction it is heading to.

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BTech as a part of the SAP Meetup community in Wrocław.

Our company is aware how the community of users and creators is an important part of any significant technology. We are convinced that apart from familiarizing oneself with new technological structures, it is also important to meet new people and share with them the knowledge already at hand. We successively apply this assumption by taking part in the series of the Wrocław SAP Meetup group meetings.

The Wrocław SAP Community Meetup is a community initiative aiming to gather people interested in learning and sharing the knowledge pertaining to SAP technologies and related topics. These meetings usually take place on the last Friday of the month in various venues in Wrocław. They have an informal character and a relaxed atmosphere, and the people attend them to share knowledge and meet new people. As IT enthusiasts we feel like ducks in water in such an environment. We are always eager to take part in those events, even more so that we are convinced it is well worth to be up to date with all the technological novelties.

The meetings usually consist of 2-3 presentations with topics pertaining to the SAP world. After the presentation part, there is a discussion on the presented topics. Due to the fact that our team regularly takes part in those meetings, we are able to expand our network of contacts and acquire the essential knowledge on interesting facts and trends in technology.

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Training Center Club is our business partner

eTCC or Training Center Club became the new business partner of BTech. They are engaged in the training courses, among others, from practice use of the SAP system in finance and accounting. Their abbreviated offer is available on our subpage Partners.